Bilateral Relations


Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Armenia and Georgia were established on July 17 1992.

The Embassy of RA to Tbilisi started to function in July 1993.

The General Consulate of RA in Batumi was established in April 2008.

The interparliamentary commission, which was formed to synchronize the legislation and the works of the two highest legislative bodies, is co-chaired by the Deputy Speakers of the Parliaments of the two countries.

The intergovernmental economic commission, which was formed to enhance the economic cooperation of the two countries is co-chaired by the Prime Ministers of Armenia and Georgia.

In addition, it was decided to establish a commission which deals with delimitation and demarcation issues of the Armenian-Georgian state border.  

Legal area

The Republic of Armenia and Georgia have signed nearly 80 international treaties, agreements, memoranda and protocols which encompass almost all aspect of bilateral relations, including,

8 treaties

57 agreements 

The main document, which regulates the bilateral relations, is the Treaty on “Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Security” signed in October 2001.

There are also several agreements that create favorable conditions for free trade, avoidance of double taxation, automobile and air connection, legal assistance, encouragement of investments and development of economic relations in the area of trade and economy.

Main import goods

Agricultural goods, automobiles, mineral water, chemical products, pharmaceuticals

Main export goods

Equipment for mining industry, horticulture and aviculture (poultry products) goods, agricultural goods, products of food industry.


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