Meeting of the Ambassador of Armenia Hovhannes Manoukian with the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Georgia


On November 7, 2012, the Ambassador   Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Armenia to Georgia Hovhannes Manoukian met with the newly appointed Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Georgia David Narmania.

During the meeting, the Ambassador congratulated the interlocutor with a victory in the parliamentary elections of political force, represented by the Minister and with the formation of the Government, expressing the hope that the new government would be interested in the deepening of bilateral relations with Armenia.

Ambassador addressing the effectiveness of established close cooperation with the former government, in matters requiring prompt decisions, and in the course of long-term projects related to infrastructure development, stressed the importance of maintaining and enhancing the continuity of such a style of work. Minister Narmania expressed his readiness to continue cooperation in a spirit of close partnership with Armenia.

The interlocutors discussed projects of mutual interest. In particular, the possibility of building in the real time, planned in Armenia North-South highway, and stated as priority by the Georgian authorities – highway Akhaltsikhe - Batumi.

Ambassador Manoukian stressed the importance of implementation of preparatory activities related to terrain transmittance of roads in sector of the Upper Lars in the threshold of winter, which will reduce the possible complications, related to unpredictable development of weather, of the citizens of Georgia and Armenia moving on vehicles on this part of the highway. David Narmania promised to take all measures necessary to ensure the unimpeded work of the mentioned control checkpoint, informing the Ambassador, that before the start of winter in advance purchased modern, effective equipment, that cleans the roads of snow, will be delivered to Georgia.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia and Minister reached agreement on methods of communication needed to ensure of current and prospective cooperation.

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