The 102nd Sayat Nova Festival of Roses was held in Tbilisi


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 On May 29, the 102nd traditional Sayat-Nova Festival of Roses (Vardaton) took place in Tbilisi.

The event was organized by the Armenian community of Georgia by the support of the municipality of Tbilisi, ministries of culture of the Republic of Armenia and Georgia, the Armenian state dramatic theatre after P. Adamyan in Tbilisi and the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Georgia.

Primate of the Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan, diplomats from the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia, members of the Parliament of Georgia, the Chairman of Sakrebulo (City Council), Members of the Writers Unions of Armenia and Georgia, other guests, representatives of the Armenian and Georgian societies attended the event.

“Sayat-Nova” Minstrel Song Ensemble of Public Radio of Armenia headed by the Artistic Director, Professor Tovmas Poghosyan also came to Tbilisi to take part in the event.
The guests and the participants of the event first putted flowers on the tomb of Sayat-Nova then departed for the Gorgasali square near the church of Saint George in Tbilisi where the songs of Sayat nova were performed by literary and cultural organizations, dance ensembles, musical groups and individuals.

The evening ended with the commemorative speeches of organizers and guests.

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